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Unravelling the Landscape


"the chaotic and harmonious, the resilient and fragile... unfolding repetitive patterns, lines, rhythms and textures... these prints represent vignettes of the Cradle Mountain landscape." 


A place of contrasts: the chaotic and harmonious, the resilient and fragile. Unfolding repetitive patterns, lines, rhythms and textures. The Cradle Mountain wilderness is deeply captivating and complex. Time, weather, light and seasonal changes alter perception and experience.


These prints and drawings capture the minutiae of this landscape, its stunning complexity and imperfect beauty. They are vignettes - mementos of memories that trace personal and intimate observations of my many visits to Cradle Mountain. 

Developed from drawings on-site and using memory, I seek to explore the landscape in its abstract and simplest form as a series of lines, marks, indentations and textures. The prints provide a glimpse of the unfolding landscape, and at times give a sense of three dimensionality and movement. The prints and drawings are on Japanese papers (Awagami bamboo, Hosho and Gyokuryu) selected for their texture, strength, fragility and uniqueness.

The artist books are a tactile and intimate response to the landscape. I have used drawings and prints (including ghost prints) of selected scenes that reflect glimpses of the landscape, the changing nature of it, the passing of time and memory. The artist books are a container for memories, a keepsake of my experience and journey in the landscape. 

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