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"... the land was constantly shifting, breaking, disrupting and rupturing with scarred marks, textures, patterns and layers of earth unravelling, ready for the same to happen at some time again."

In 2016 I holidayed in Iceland, a place far removed to what I was accustomed to in Tasmania.  


Iceland is magnificent, overwhelming and otherworldly. It is completely awe-inspiring as every view presents a new encounter. Cracked glaciers that have gouged the earth’s crust, water collapsing under extreme force, scree sliding through mountain crevasses, splintered lava fields, sporadic eruptions of hot sulphurous steam to black sand beaches that butt against basalt columns. 


As a hotspot of volcanic activity, Iceland is subject to ongoing change, a place under pressure and constant construction. The land shifts, ruptures, disrupts and unveils new formations. The landscape is volatile and beautifully imperfect. 


Fractured is a series of lino prints that trace my impressions of a fractured, otherworldly, foreign and deeply captivating landscape. These small prints seek to capture moments in the landscape, varying forms, scenes and compositions and myriad imperfect marks, textures, patterns and layers shifting through time.


In this brief encounter, the fractured and torn landscape of Iceland has become etched into my memory. 

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