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"Integrating the dining experience at Hadley's Hotel with the close proximity to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean."


Mingling, linocut handprinted on Japanese kozo paper, unique state, 56 x 84cm,


A dining experience is so much more than simply food and sustenance. It's how an establishment chooses to express itself through the space, decor, lighting, artwork, napery, menu design, the paper it's printed on, and the typeface chosen. It's an attention to detail and an exploration of these details during any dining experience.

This piece brings together four elements. The first is the beautiful origami folded napery presented like artwork to be admired at a table setting. The second draws on the grandness of Hadley's. The third to the geographical location of Hobart, often referred to as 'the gateway to Antarctica'. And the fourth, of course, is perhaps Hadley's most famous guest, Roald Amundsen, who chose Hobart and Hadley's to announce his achievement of being the first to reach the south geographic pole via a series of coded telegrams.

Repeat motifs have been carved in lino and handprinted on fine translucent Japanese kozo paper to give a sense of floating through the iceberg-laden waters of Antarctica for those lucky enough to experience it.

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