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Parallelism - Convergence - Infiltration


Mark Aheimer + Catherine Rogers

"...two artists come together to explore the parallel nature of their work, and the infiltration and collision of ideas and processes to create new works that combine their relatively disparate art practices (design, printmaking)."

Prints and embossings 

Artist books


Mark Aheimer and Catherine Rogers create much of their work from the home they share in southern Tasmania. While the artists provide input into each other's practice, that of design (Aheimer, exmarksthespotdesign) and printmaking (Rogers), much of their work is made in isolation.

While relatively disparate art practices, their work shares commonality in the use of layering, line and repetition that converge into detailed patterned works.

In Parallelism-Convergence-Infiltration, the artists have explored dimensions of each other's practice and collaborated on print and design work to expand ideas and processes.


For exemplars of parallelism, convergence and infiltration, the artists have drawn on the larvae of the Eucalyptus Longhorn Borer beetle for inspiration. The larvae infiltrate the soft wood under the bark creating meandering and sometimes parallel and other times convergent patterns.


The artists have combined traditional forms and processes and also explored new ways of creating work, while utilising elements of each other's practices.

From a design perspective, the challenge has been to create a platform for a printed form, which may then be part of a decorative surface.

The works have been created using modern manufacturing techniques such as CNC milling, routing and laser cutting. The design works act both as a platform for line works and have also directly incorporated printmaking motifs.


From a printmaking perspective there is transference from traditional cutting to the use of modern computer control techniques to crete an image on plywood, acrylic and paper.

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