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Livres d'artistes

À partir de 2015

The view from here, and here

The view from here, and here

Artist book, 2022

Linocut print, paper, thread

Wind-ravaged she-oaks and those big old grey dying trees that dot the landscape have been the inspiration of my printmaking practice for a little over a year now. Their stark grey branches, criss-cross pattern, and the space in which they occup have inspired me to explore and experiment with form, pattern, and new ways of mark-making.

These two artist books explore both the simplicity and complexity of their forms.

Deviating from my usual detailed and laborious mark-making practice, I have focused on stripping back the lino plate and looking at a more simple form. I've played with the construction of an image and varying perspectives through repetition of motifs, layering, composition, tone, and paper (10gsm) to create a more tactice piece such as a book - a container for memory, and where the turning of each page is an exploration, a kind of journey again through the she-oaks and trees.

The view from here, and here was part of the Experimenta exhibition at the designedmade makers market in Hobart. 


Une sélection de livres d'artistes créés au fil des années...

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